Zoo BAPs

A BAP is the first step to effective native wildlife conservation, an easy to follow plan with achievable targets and timescales in line with national targets for biodiversity. In the UK, Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) are administered by 48 Local Nature Partnerships (LNPs), announced in 2012 to replace the former UK BAP partnership.

In 2011, CIRCLE developed the first formal “Zoo BAP”, a biodiversity action plan for the conservation of native wildlife living in and around zoological gardens. CIRCLE now assists in the implementation of the first formal Zoo BAP at Flamingo Land, while also offering guidance to other zoos on the development of their own zoo BAPs. Activities include tree-planting, meadow-flower seeding, wetland management, nest-box placement, biodiversity/social surveys, and awareness-raising.

Please read the Hambly and Marshall paper on Zoo BAPs here: http://www.jzar.org/jzar/article/view/63

Circle- Flamingo Land BAP  The Flamingo Land BAP can be downloaded from here.

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