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1) Over 4,000 Tanzanian children have been reached by education activities.

2) An estimated 10,000 villagers are now aware of fuel-efficient methods, with approximately 30% of households using these regularly (this is increasing). Tree nurseries established in four villages.

3) Experimentation with forest restoration methods has seen biodiversity and biomass increase in regenerating trees.

4) More than 5,000 tree seedlings have been donated to villagers for agroforestry.

5) Rangers from nearby reserves and villages assist with forest patrols and human-elephant conflict.

6) The Tanzanian Forestry Division assures us that Magombera forest will be legally protected in the near future.

7) Ecological indicators show that forest remains intact despite the lack of legal protection. Trees and monkeys have shown slow declines but not below targets. A new species of tree was discovered in June 2011.

8) More than thirty peer-reviewed journal publications, seven book chapters and one book have been published since 2007. Five postgraduate projects have been facilitated.

9) Villager/conservationist feedback has been extremely positive. Memoranda of Understanding have been drafted with four villages.

See our award:

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